WARNING! These Cartoons are sometimes Crude, Profane, Vulgar or Offensive!
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After doing time as a lawyer, Joseph Morton has returned to his cartoon roots and revived the hit webcomic BLOOP! Joe is from crappy Jacksonville, NC home of the Marine Corps Base Camp LeJeune (the city Playboy voted as the hardest US city for a guy to get laid in) but now lives in Fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada with his way hot smokin' wife and 8 kids! Contact me at: PO Box 563 Jacksonville, NC 28541, blooptoon@aol.com or blooptoon@yahoo.com. NEWS FLASH: Joe has moved to Fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada - where gambling, drinking and hot strippers / hookers are a constant source of temptation!

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People constantly ask how I create BLOOP, so here's the deal: Everything starts in my bi-polar noodle! Then I grab a sheet of good 'ol Strathmore Bristol Board (plain / vellum whatever.) I then rule out a 3 1/4 x 10 1/4 drawing area (smaller than I'd like but I'm too cheap to buy a bigger scanner and scanning half and stiching them together is just stupid) which is divided into usually 3 panels. I then grab my handy 5H Venus pencil and LIGHTLY sketch out the comic (5H is quite hard so use care not to indent the surface or you'll have inking problems later.) I then tighten up the sketch with a 2H. I then use a 0.1, 0.3, 0.7 Staedtler Pigment Liners to ink (god I love German products!) I DO NOT use Pigma Micron, they suck ass! When the occasion calls for it, I use a Winsor Red Sable brush and Higgins Black Magic Ink (I know, a lot of people complain about Higgins but fuck them. I then rule in the boarders with a Speedball pen and nib. Lettering is done in an odd fashion but I can't get it to turn out just right any other way. I use Blambot fonts (mostly Evil Genuis - I use to use regular 'ol Comic Sans but everyone poo-pooed it) which I print out, hand draw balloons around, cut out with an X-acto knife and lovingly paste onto the panels with a UHU glue stick (another fine German product!) And yes I know there are programs for this but they all suck compared to my my natural ability! Then I slap it on the HP scanner at 600 dpi, load it up into Adobe Photoshop begin the mundane task of coloring! I then 'save for the web' and load it up onto WCN for all to enjoy - unless it's an exclusive - then it's just for my wonderful subscribers to enjoy! That's it! The process usually takes about 4 hours.

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