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The Fahg Files: Adventures at the Blackbird Inn



Otto Fahg
The Blackbird Inn's newest bouncer and The Fahg Files' main protagonist. The sometimes bewildered Otto observes and gets caught up in the antics of the staff and patrons. Sometimes cynical, without being bitter, he is an observer and always thinking. ... more
Joe Apollo
Bartender in the Blackbird Main Bar. Nicknamed ‘The God' by the patrons, he is the epitome of the perfect All-American man. Tall, blonde and blue, he has a magnetic pull which mesmerizes all that look at him directly. His teeth sparkle so brightly wh ... more
Bartender at the Blackbird Leather Bar. A retired Motorcycle cop, Russ doesn't have to work, but enjoys the atmosphere. He is regularly happy and in good spirits unless he has to work in the coffee bar, where his distaste for it while having to serve it, ... more
Supporting Cast: Fred (Mr. Hollywood)
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