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Artist Bio: The glamour of the poster?s golden age, mixed with pop sensibility and the edginess of the modern is the work of African - American artist Thom Reaves. A Pratt Institute graduate, painter, illustrator, comic artist, and writer, Thom?s body of works grace both public and private collections across this country and abroad. Working and exhibiting from his studio in Trenton, NJ, Thom?s steadily growing list of accomplishments crosses many disciplines: He has signed exclusive contracts with companies such as Acme Studio of Hawaii, for whom he designed a writing pen and card case called ?Happy? in 2005 and Canadian Art Prints for whom he has designed a series of poster editions. He was one of twelve artists chosen to paint a violin for the NJ Symphony Orchestra?s Art Strings exhibition, and has collaborated with the hip & exclusive home furnishings company Joy & Jake - painting a series of accessory cases for their ?Funky Deco? line. Thom designed a room at the 50?s-era art hotel The Creek in Miami Beach, Florida and has been chosen to design items for Ritzenhoff Collections of Germany. Thom?s artistic works are most noted for his poster-style, reminiscent of vintage posters and advertisements. Of his work, Thom says, "To me, my creative talents are not just a vehicle of self-expression, but have the dual purpose of uplifting and inspiring others. Having my roots in the graphic world, I've always loved posters, so I use them- playing with words and visual puns. I?m all about color and strong images and I attempt to get the attention of the viewer by using nostalgia, humor and a bit of romance.? Thom?s influences are artists such as A.M. Cassandre, J.C. Leyendecker, and Gustav Klimt. Thom is the creator of Roebling: the Official Teddy bear of New Jersey?s Capital City and the creator and illustrator of his own comic strip for Out In Jersey Magazine. Thom has exhibited at group and solo shows in Trenton, Princeton and Somerville, NJ, New York City, Philadelphia & New Hope, PA and London, UK.