Tom Hart (tomhart) says: I like it! The last panel's rendition of enlightenment is priceless. I like all those zen stories of monks reaching enlightenment after being whacked on the head. You should alter the halos around the characters in black- either white out the horizon right at the point they meet, or make it so their outline is white in the sky- in other words, the white would continue down to black on the body. It's not a halo, it's part of the drawing. I say that all cause it will be easier to read. Your simple balance of black and white is nice. The peanuts quality of it all, always a bonus. Nice!
Lucine Kasbarian (lucinekasbarian) says:

This new series rocks!! It's "philoso-realness" really grabbed me. I love how you sequenced the story, and used b&w contrast. The expressions on the characters feel particularly endearing and real. I appreciate the technique you used to connote the master's smack. Agreed with Tom about the last panel and horizoning (while making note to self). Bravo!

Ben White (benbenrhythmking) says: I like the new strip, it's certainly a unique angle
josh bayer (joshbayer) says: Ben, I also love this comic. Its great. Love Josh
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