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Dennis Curcio ||   

Many years ago I was a special effects make up artist working in the film business in Los Angeles, creating characters and effects for films, television. I made the mistake of moveing to Orlando FL in the early 90's. At the time there was a thriving film and television community and for several years things went well with lots of intersting TV and film projects to work on. Eventually the business went elsewhere and I stayed behind to raise my family. Since then I have been wanting to do something creative but didn't want to go back to the film industry and start all over again. I was joking with my son about some crazy comic ideas I had and he said I should do it. The only problem I had was I'd never really drawn before, I was a sculpture but not much of an artist and I had recently lost some mobility when I became paralysed from a virus. I thought the drawing would be good therapy. My son set up a website and I began drawing and these comics are the result. I hope you find them funny if you don't blame my son.