Squid Row

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Randie Springlemeyer

Randie is an artist (yes, a starving artist) who lives in the "Squid Row" area of a touristy seaside community. It's not the best neighborhood and her scummy landlord pays little attention to her needs as a renter.

To make matters worse, Randie is plagued by the neighborhood cat, Twinkie. B.B., Twinkie's owner, lives across the alley and like her cat, drops in, often unexpectedly, to chat.

Ryan Goodfellow is Randie's best pal. They share a close friendship that goes beyond the regular bonds of pal-ishness. Ryan is often Randie's savior in times of need... helping her pay the rent, supporting her coffee habit and buying her drawings and paintings. But even more, he is often the voice of reason in her life... helping her to see things in a more positive light. Back to the Cast Page
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