Bullets And Daisies- Graphic Novel

Bullets and Daisies: Testing and Character Shots for Friday, November 30th, 2007 By Tony Medina

Mindy Howard (cast as Nicole K. Ellis) has been part of my family's life for almost ten years. She has been an inspiration for postive spirit and for creative expression.

I have yet to find a person with a more infectious smile versus my wife's or my daughter's. And she's a great photographer in her own right.

She also happens to be the Godmother of our beautiful daughter.

She is fully capable of scowling the fear of death into even the hardest of hearts.

When my wife suggested casting her as the part, the story went completely platinum in my mind. She is the perfect face and heart for this story and I am honored to get to work with her in it.
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Nicole K. Ellis from Bullets and Daisies: Issue 2 Going Home:

"Some days, I hate what I do for a living."