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Ya know, I don't have an excuse for not getting the comic up on time. I have many. To start, I'm sick. Usually this isn't a big deal except I NEVER get sick...EVER. Second, this is my last week of school. I have an impossible math final to study for. Finally, I'm lazy as hell! But you all knew that. I'd say I'm devoting more time to this comic when I graduate, but sadly, I can't. Instead of doing that, I'm devoting more time to looking for a job because I've got me some bills to pay! Anyway, there may or may not be a comic on friday...considering its almost done but I've needed my tablet to finish it. Oh yeah, I forgot. My tablet is back and working! Yes, this means I no longer have excuses other than that I'll be working. I'm genuinely sorry for not updating recently but shit happens. Also, sorry for this long winded report. G' Nite.
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