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Satheron Quel
Mighty Satheron Quel, the wild elf warrior, hails from Rhania's densest region, Tanglewood Forest, and travels the land with the whimsical faerie, Fawn. His tempramental demeanor is as storied as his legendary skill with the bow. ... more
Julia McKennitt
Julia McKennitt is a talented bard of stunning beauty who claims to have prophetic dreams of Rhania's doom and destruction. It's her infamous mob-inducing encores that get her in trouble and promises to bring down the house. ... more
Fawn is a daughter of Tanglewood Forest and friend to elfin warrior, Satheron Quel. She possesses the vast magical properties and spellcasting abilities of most woodland faeries and is a passionate adventurer who loves to meddle in the affairs of humans. ... more
Tai Poledouris
Tai Poledouris is a slick, street-saavy halfling who at first glance seems to be a bit mischievious, selfish, and at times... mean? She actually has a good heart if you keep digging, which most often surfaces when concerning her best friend, Julia. ... more
Cerrion is one of the evil Lord Khargoth's top minions whose fearsome reputation is barely whispered across the land, spoken in hushed tones after all the children have gone to bed. ... more



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