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Hi! I'm Evad Sdrawkcab, writer and illustrator of Misadventures of a Comic Fan. This is my first experience producing any type of sequential art so you won't find a long list of my past work here. I'm doing this series primarily for enjoyment, both myself and yours hopefully. Long term goals include eventually publishing a collected edition and attempting to make some money, although the phrase "don't quit your day job" seems to be very applicable in the independent comic publishing field. It's my intention to build an interconnected series of stories that connect to existing public domain stories as well as spoofing current and exisiting characters and stories. Currently in the works is a spoof of the children's book "Where the Wild Things Are" and a modernization of the Frankenstein story. Since my main focus remains on producing a page or two of Misadventures each week, these other two stories are progressing more slowly.