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The Bingo Grill

Irregularly Updated

Playing with format/tone/et cetera, forgive me. I've been having absolutely no desire to make more, which is a frickin' bad sign after only drawing three strips. I figure getting that back is more important than, well, being even remotely funny.

Also, now that I think on it, the corporate bull is actually fairly consistent. Just, y'know, stupid.

I must admit, I'm not sure if this is actually true. But it goes with the stereotypes that the servers reinforce about themselves, and amuses me anyway.
This never actually happened, but I'm sometimes afraid it will.

The Bingo Grill was a thinly-concealed copy of Bennigan's Grill and Tavern. Bennigan's is dead. This is, thus, probably the last issue of Bingo Grill.

On another note, please do not take this as an admission that I stole any TVs from my restaurant. I just heard that someone did, and thought it would make a funny strip. I hate to think I have to disclaim this, but I don't want to follow in the path of Three Panel Soul, whose writer was visited by the police on the grounds of him having supposdedly made a borderline terroristic threat. So no, I didn't steal that TV.

I'm still a little disgusted that the "Todd Goldman rips off webcomics!" debacle got so much more press than "Matt Boyd gets visited by the cops because of a comic!" issue, given that they happened around the same time. Sigh.

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