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All right, guys. I just lost my job (you hear the news story about how Bennigan's just liquidated? Yeah), I don't have a solid internet connection, and I'm kind of shifting from place to place here. I'm going to do my very best to keep to a five-day-a-week schedule, but please have patience for when I can't get to a computer or whatever. Thanks!

Lyle Lowry

It's unknown how Lyle came to earth, but he set up shop here something more than twenty years ago and immediately proceeded to try his best to fit in. As a result, he is almost comedically human, and often determines his pastimes by considering what most humans do, as opposed to his actual inclination.

Lyle is currently living with his follower Morgan Kreagle, though the details of the arrangement are unclear. While she follows him, however, he has determined that he will do his best to help her mature and self-reliant--however much kicking and screaming along the way. Back to the Cast Page

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Caitlin Woods is a twenty-year-old college student who is incapable of focusing on one project at once. Oh, well. ... full profile