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All right, guys. I just lost my job (you hear the news story about how Bennigan's just liquidated? Yeah), I don't have a solid internet connection, and I'm kind of shifting from place to place here. I'm going to do my very best to keep to a five-day-a-week schedule, but please have patience for when I can't get to a computer or whatever. Thanks!


Rolling Thunder isn't just about motorcycles, but about missing and captured soldiers. The Rolling Thunder Motorcycle Rally celebrates its twentieth anniversary this year. Though it's a separate organization, Rolling Thunder, Inc may also be worth checking out.

I'm phoning this in, more or less, because I'll be gone when this posts (and thus have to have it done way early.) Sorry for all the blatant stereotyping.

Except for the last panel. I swear, I was once in a Hot Topic with my little sister and some of her friends, and I was utterly astounded at how they managed to complain about the prices and talk about having stolen stuff in almost the same breath. As if they didn't realize there was some manner of connection between these two things...

But I digress. Enjoy the comic.

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