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Caitlin Woods entered the webcomic scene in April 2005 with her webcomic Dog & Pony, a Dungeons & Dragons riff about a party of would-be adventurers who may accomplish something someday, if they can just manage to work together. Dog & Pony is currently on hiatus while she manages other projects.

Since then, Caitlin has launched several more comics, not all of which she has managed to keep up with. Identity is a six-page comic which was begun and aborted in July of 2005 after internal consistency issues became apparent. This project was rebooted in the form of Human Decency in April 2007. She hopes this incarnation will work better.

Dog & Pony's futuristic spinoff, Threepenny Row, was launched on DrunkDuck in Jaunary 2007. Though there is only one page so far, she intends to update it in the near future--hopefully she can find a less time-consuming method of shading. She also draws the comic Bits & Pieces for her college paper, a strip which makes fun of college-age sex and relationships.

Caitlin's most important project is CameoComic, one of two centers of the Crossover Wars megacrossover, which she works on as an artist. Holding a strict weekday schedule, this is limiting the amount of time she can spend on other projects--however, she hopes it will be well worth it.

Other than that, Caitlin is a community college student with eventual hopes of a B.A. in History. Though she doesn't have any illusions of drawing comics for a living, she does hope to draw comics as a hobby for as long as she can. Until she gets arthritis or something like that, at least.