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A few times a week, randomly.
And that is the end of the chapter! I hope you enjoyed it! Tomorrow I will do a special off-schedule update in which I will put up some proper title pages. Then we'll start the next chapter on Thursday.
The J.A.M. (the_jam) says:

Why didn't she try pulling herself up? She had HOURS to try...

Odd that you killed off a main character right at the start... :D

Cameron Nielsen (cameroncn) says: Well, she wasn't really concerned at first. It was only when the rope started to break that she realized the seriousness of the situation, but then it was too late. Though also, have you ever tried to pull yourself straight up a 20 ft. rope? It's not easy! :) She's not dead, just vanished. You'll see.
Nathan Taber (tarukai) says:

I was going to go with Cam in that, A) he didn't kill her =P and B) try pulling yourself straight up a rope like that with nothing below your waist to start and anchor your feet. good luck.


Very nice, Cam! Good end to the chapter.

Frogmage (frogmage) says:

Heh....late comment....

Wow, great art. Harry's emotions certainly come through very well.

mark dacanay (balckchocolate) says:

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