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A few times a week, randomly.
Kristina Solomon (ravenstar) says: Yay!  New comic!  Introductions all around! 
Nathan Taber (tarukai) says: Woo! Good to see another one up =D
alex ashley (randomguy117) says: when i found this comic on onlinecomics i thought oh cool a confused (but cool) lookin dude is the main character cuz it only showed her head, but when i started readin the comic my mind sorta went all like "aww that sucks" cuz i know that dudes like that are always good main characters that can supply their own fanbase and when you ralise that she is a girl she kinda loses something ang looks more normal ( good job with the hair though, the sorta messiness of it sorta gives back that calm/a liittle bit confused look
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