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A few times a week, randomly.
Sorry about the general lack of a new page this week. I've been getting distracted from working on the actual comic to working on some of the development for what will be coming up soon. Which is important too, I guess. Anyway, here we have a bunch of drawings of things which will be turning up in the comic fairly soon. - A. Drawing of a Calidorian battleship. The hoop things are its means of propulsion, involving gravitons and technobabble. - B. An upcoming major character, Remalion. He's a bit of a jerk, and has unspecified powers. Lhasa meets him when he [spoiler omitted.] - C. Another important character, Clatch. He's a starship captain. He's also 15. He's a good pilot and mechanic, but not such a good navigator... - D. My new comics imprint and logo! "Samizdat" is a Russian word meaning "self-published." It has a lot of associations with distributing artistic creations secretly to avoid Soviet censors and secret police. Not that that applies to my work at all, but it's a neat word.
alex ashley (randomguy117) says: ooh. yay! you got that cool look that i was ranting about earlier in the comic. huzah! Huzah!
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