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t the end of May (4 weeks ago) the Queen visited Ireland. I wanted to do a cartoon about this event, as soon as she stepped off the plane, but things got delayed. Here it finally is.

The basic premise is, what would have happened if the old government, who had invited her, would have stayed to entertain her? I had wondered the moment Eamon Gilmore greeted her when she arrived. He was so boring. :XD:

Inspired by Brian Cowen's reputation for liking alcohol and Mary Coughlan's reputation for mixing up obvious things. (I won't spoil here, because there is going to be cartoons about it.) Personally I don't think she is stupid. Just awkward. You can't become 2nd most powerful woman in the state by being plain stupid. Still - enough material to work on.

Mary McAleese cries in the corner because she is so ashamed.

I had planned for Brian Lenihan (and his taste for raw garlic) to be in this picture. But since he died recently I decided against it.

Next cartoon will be about Enda again. :D


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