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The first of characters... ready to rumble...

For further reference these are some of the characters I will work with. Suggestions for new ones are always welcome. :)


As you might see, I tried to color-code these guys and girls (with the exception of Mary Coughlan who is simply too red in my mind to color her in the Fianna Fáil green). So the Fianna Fáil Guys are in a dark green, Fine Gaels Enda in blue, Labour in red and the only Green one, Paul, in a lighter green. When introducing new characters I try to stick to this color-scheme.

Why does Enda Kenny have a traffic cone next to him?
Go ahead, play his ridiculous game and you know why! [link]


Drawing a webcomic is always a difficult thing, because one should upload on a regular basis. Thus I needed a style that enabled me to do this, but still leaves the people recognizable. I finally settled for this style (partly inspired by Icelandic cartoonist Hugleikur Dagsson), which I think achieves quite nicely what I intended to.
I am still not quite used to my graphics tablet and am not good with doing caricatures, but I think I found a good solution.
This character sheet also serves for future references when people are unsure who is who.

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