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Why is she on the poster?

This is totally random. Traumatizing readers much?
Okay, maybe a bit of explanation:
During the ESC I drew that little poster that is seen in the background in the last two comics. It had Mary in it, for two reasons. They are silly reasons, but then again - who cares? :XD:
1) She has a tendency for noticeable Lipstick. The song's name was Lipstick as well.
2) I decided to do a running gag of her randomly appearing on posters since the prostitution strip.

Well. This thing began getting a life of its own and this is what came out. May I present to you "The Biffos" - the hottest runner up for the ESC 2012. I for one would like to see them.

It was a pain to find the right song for Mary (i.e. the whole group) to sing. I settled for ABBA - Take a chance on me [link] and tweaked the lyrics a tiny bit.

Runner ups have been:
Frank Sinatra - Saying something stupid
Frank Sinatra - I did it my way
ABBA - The Winner Takes it all
The Beatles - Taxman
Monty Python - Brian Song
Eric Saade - I will be popular (Sweden's entry to this year's ESC)
and a few more. :D

Already traumatized? Will this image haunt you? Then I succeeded.


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