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Hey, told you all I'd do better.

Welcome to all of you who popped over here from Americrayon. I hope you like what you see, and stick around.

Also, this may be the last comic in what I think of as "The Big Style", as I'm tryingsomething new, that I hope will speed up my creation of new comics, which as it stands is pretty abismal.

Hang loose guys!



Edit:Whoops! Uploaded the wrong version. I doubt anyone would've noticed, but I did, so yeah..

Edit 2: Whoops! There had been some weird cropping accidents on the previous version. Hopefully it's all fixed now.

Claudia Barillas (the_shankmaster) says: Is it supposed to be cut off at the top?
Eli Herring (captaineli) says:

Ahhhh! No!

*Goes and trys to make it right. Again*

This comic shall be my downfall.

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