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 First of all, sorry about last Thursday. It was my last day at school, potentially EVER, which is something of a big deal. So I and my school chums partied rather hard, and I didn't get home til rather late. And on Friday, I figured you'd already had two updates that week. Right now, I feel horrible for STILL not having a proper update, but the next excus/reason answers that nicely.

This week, and the Friday of Next week, I have exams to study for. If I pass them, then I c an get into University. If not... Well, we'd best not dwell on that.

 So, for you, my loyal readers, it is unfortunatly time for a bucketload of filler. I'll try to do a few more than I normally do, but that may not happen. Unless someone wants to send me some guest comics...

Either way, Here's something to tide you over until after my exams.

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Claudia Barillas (the_shankmaster) says: This filler would make a good forum siggy that links to this comic.
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