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The Plural of Anecdotes

once weekly, without warning
Right. Here's The Deal. I have no images showing on this site. I don't know why, I can't find any tech support about it, and I can't spend half an hour every time I update playing Schrodinger's Post (dialup!Fun!). So I've moved. I'm over on smackjeeves now, more specifically: Skyfall: http://stoneabove.smackjeeves.com/ Anecdata: http://anecdata.smackjeeves.com/ Target Practice: http://littleod.smackjeeves.com/ More about the move over here: http://carapace.insanejournal.com/ When and if this site starts working again, I'll post things in MPU form, a whole issue at once. Won't that be fun? And thanks, as always, to the double-dozen or so who tried to read it here. You were a quiet and somewhat eerie audience, but appreciated.
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Working from Deepinthehearta, TX, Carapace is surrounded by cows, cats, screaming birds and varmints of many kinds. She sees other people two days a week. This may influence the course of her work somewhat. Don't expect coffee shop comics, I meanta say. ... full profile