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Sairi Garza
44 EY Researcher, Primary Science Hub for Seven Hands Station Clever, curious, somewhat catty ... more
Kyrtie Ren Garza
An unwilling underachiever and even more unwilling voice of reason in a high achieving, high status family of workaholics, Kyrtie would like everyone to get along. She is getting used to disappointment. ... more
Leda Kalaskov
Observer on Seven Hands Station. Spaceborn Citizen, she would be quite law abiding save for an inconvenient sense of mission. ... more
Kaderian Vireo
26, Earth-born and touchy about it, Kade's attempting to do Something Worthwhile, preferably without any danger, effort, or commitment. ... more
Camille Donnaugh
Camille loves people, despite them being unpredictable, loud, and scary. ... more
Thena Garza
Thena has a distinguised and almost famous career in the Service of the Concordance. This makes her proud. No, wait. Annoyed. It makes her annoyed. She actually is proud of her daughter Kyrtie. And her sister- oh no wait. That's annoyed again. Or apop ... more
Carapace ||   

Working from Deepinthehearta, TX, Carapace is surrounded by cows, cats, screaming birds and varmints of many kinds. She sees other people two days a week. This may influence the course of her work somewhat. Don't expect coffee shop comics, I meanta say. ... full profile