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Annotations! For people who like blocks of text about their picture stories!

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These alerts come through in a screechy electronic voice so no one thinks they're just a person talking. They're repeated so nobody misses anything important. They're annoying to the point of causing insanity, so no one pays any attention. 

Nicer stations have individual sound or net messages sent to focused recipients. Seven Hands is on the ragged edge of functioning, so they get this.

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Leda Reyal, Observer; Kaderian Virikai, her apprentice. They've been friends online for a long time, and currently share quarters. It's not a romantic relationship, nor does anyone expect it be one. Apprentice/Trainer is a very specific licensed professional agreement. 

An Observer's job is to cover a certain zone and see what a person sees. Everything they see joins the general information available to their local system archive (in Leda's case, the Seven Hands system). It's an easy job, once the proper implants are installed, but there's no privacy under any circumstances and no way out without surgery. Learning to deal with being "on" every minute takes considerable training.

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Science Admin Sairi Garza and Dock Seargant Boniface. Coworkers in a very loosely related, all-employed-by-the-city way.  

The Dock Sergeant really is a Colony Kid; so are 90 percent of the people in this society. It's almost the reverse of being an orphan. The majority of people attend a sort of state-run boarding school. Families are usually highly involved, but such mass-schooled students might spend their entire childhood without ever visiting a home outside the school. In a highly dispersed society where children under 12 are less than 10 percent of the population, it's often the only chance children have for age-level socialization. 

The perception of colony vs. family raised kids is about like that for public vs. home schooled kids now. 

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Camille Jeonming, communications clerk, and Kyrtie Garza, unwilling slacker.
Camille is one of the earliest characters I saw for this story; Kyrtie is just about the latest. I wasn't even sure she was going to be female until I started drawing this version. Now she's a central character. This is why I don't bother with tight plotting. 

Those plants behind them are tucked into every nook and recess in the residential zones. They do an enormous amount of life support and climate control. If this were in color, you'd see the station is covered in green. 

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Thena Garza. Kyrtie's mom, Sairi's sister, professional tyrant/troubleshooter; more on that later.

That shuttle isn't space worthy; it's made to transport people from docking shuttles into the loading bay. There are no direct-to-space doors on this deck, hence the general lack of people wearing space suits.

Like a lot of parents and formerly adults-over-kids, Sairi and Thena assume their younger relative won't know they're mad at each other if they don't say so out loud. This fight's been going on a long time. 

And of course they're surprised the kid's noticed anyway.  

Anyone with standard (for this culture) implants would see this screen. You or I wouldn't, though. Hand-screens are generally visible to all, but not easily hacked. 

Leda's put a little more thought into her job than most people do, but she's not wrong. Observers aren't supposed to find the sensational. Everything they see is filtered by various levels of feed interpreters, as well as being generally available, in the hopes that someone will notice the sort of small problems that often slip past scheduled maintenance or scheduled patrols. 

Parral Green, thug-in-waiting; Hosanna May Green, surgeon and . 
Note that those discs on their headbands are not headmirrors; they're more the cultural memory of headmirrors. Even now, people often draw doctors with those, without knowing why or how they operate. Exty thousand years from now, the concept still lingers, but the purpose is lost. What matters is they've got the shiny discs, ergo they must be doctors.

They're talking under the assumption that no one around understands them, but they'd have the same conversation on megaphone to a crowd. Parral doesn't care, Hosanna is just that overconfident. 

The background Kepalos doesn't understand the words, at least. 

"Spirit talkers"- most of the Teyja are animist, Greens included. Voices in the head are considered perfectly healthy. 

The big beastie is a Kephalos; they're genetically tweaked critters. Legally they're considered devices, like computers and pacemakers and cows.  Yes, cows.

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