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Moday, Wednesday, Friday

Whew! Back up and running! Let's try this again.

Making a comic is a heck of a crash course in, well, everything involved in making a comic. I've been trying to go with the MWF schedule because it seemed plausible; but apparently, it isn't. Plus, while that works really well for gag or humor-drama comicsc, I've found all my actual favorite story comics don't so much do that. I like story in chunks, apparently.

So! Rather than slip into a Maybe-Whatever-Forget It schedule to meet some vague ideal I don't really like, I'm moving all of every update to Mondays. Every week! I can't promise big updates; some weeks it may only be a couple pages, or even just notes. But there's gonna be something here.

Well, unless I get et by a Bear. But that's another issue.


Enjoy the update, and see you next Monday!




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