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Moday, Wednesday, Friday

I agonized over using the word Ninja here. Seriously, I spent a full hour staring at the page, trying to decide. But it's one of those words that' becoming not just a part of the language, but a distinctly separate word from its origins. For the last few years, when I hear someone referred to as a "ninja" it's generally followed by another noun-- Ninja Baker, Ninja Artist, whatever-- meaning not that they're a spy or saboteur or assassin, but that they're unexpectedly and unbelievably badass at the named occupation. Language shifts, loan words become native words, and eventually some moron in high office is announcing that the French have no word for entrepreneur. Ninja has become part of the language as I know it, so it stays.

Or I could just pretend I'm making a Dr. Mcninja reference, why not.

These are the Very Important Issues that delay my updates. :/

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