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Artopalooza 2009: Well it's summer and I tend to take at least one continuing education class per summer. This year it's a Music and Movement class but it incorporates a lot of artwork so I again managed to cartoon throughout... this week I will be leaving on a weekend trip and have to get me projects finished for this class amidst packing so I'm going to have to have the comic on hold... again however instead of leaving this space dead I'll be posting artwork from the class for 4 days straight! Tuesday-Friday! wow haven't done that in awhile!

This piece was created during a free association draw where we listened to a piece of music (the piece was written by Bach... I mistakenly thought Vivaldi...) and made me think of a court and European courtesans and Jesters and Ren Faires... so yeah in the time we were given I whipped this up. Yep that's honest to god Crayon there... Now I have to get melty crayon off my scanner...

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