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Rex Calihan
Rex is younger and more impetuous than Jace, he is given to impulsive decisions, and often forgets his responsibilities extend beyond himself. ... more
Jace Calihan
Jace Calihan is the oldest of the Calihan brothers he often plays the straight man to his younger brother's outrageous antics, and works hard to keep the school afloat. ... more
Sensei has known and trained the Calihan brothers for the last 15 years because of that loyalty he has asked them to open and run a school for him. ... more
Travis Osborn
Travis came up through the ranks with the Calihan Boys, and often hangs out with Rex outside of the school. ... more
Scoops owns the comic book store known as Spoiler Warning where Jace Calihan and Jason O' Keefe are known to hang out. Scoops is always wearing some type of costume. ... more
Bailey Hurst
Bailey is Jace's long term girlfriend, she often feels that Jace places martial arts as the priority over their relationship. ... more
Midwest Martial Arts (Sabum)
Sabum and his Midwest Martial Arts (MMA) School serve as the rival school to the Calihan's School within their comunity. ... more
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Art teacher, Martial Arts instructor, and cartoonist. ... full profile