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Well, yes. If you've read my old comic "Sabum Says" then you know that the figures in the last panel imply that I'm doing a crossover, bringing my old strip into this new series.

I know... the series is awfully new to be doing something like this so soon, but I gotta admit I've been excited about doing since I decided that it would eventually happen. Then I knew that Rex was going to do something impetuous like sign them up for a tournament which just seemed like a great way to mirror my own impetuousness regarding throwing this together so early on. Life imitating art and vice versa... I couldn't resist.

To be continued? What does that mean? Well it means two things, first it means that the strip is going to head in a different direction and focus somewhere other than Jace and Rex for a little while. Secondly it means that School is starting on the 15th and my attention will be divided, not only that but I have family in town which makes it really hard to put out cartoons. (I'm putting this one up while my wife and cousin are out for the day, and I  probably won't get another opportunity like this for the next 3 days) So this will be the only full comic for this week. I will try to resume full comics again on Monday August 18th. In the meantime I will not leave this space blank, I will be posting ARTWORK the rest of the week! Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday! From the art class I took these last two weeks. My Cartooning of course crept into most of the projects.

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