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This wraps up a few of the Sabum Says strips, It feels like it's time to get back to Jace and Rex for a bit, but rest assured that the Sabum Says characters are not out of the picture yet.

Today's strip is kind of tongue in cheek, I really don't worry about trophies or medals. In fact I rarely compete, but when I do it's more about supporting my school/team than it is about putting something on my wall, or shelf. According to my numbers I'm already at 20 strips! Wow that came up really fast! I guess that's what happens when you are updating more than once a week. I haven't really promoted this strip because I was waiting to get to 30 strips before doing that. So if you are reading this it's probably because you are already a Webcomics nation strip surfer who found me by accident, or you read my blog where I've meantioned the strip a handful of times.

I've been reluctant to go very public due to my troubles keeping to a 3x's a week schedule. Right now I'm about a week ahead due to the artwork buffer I put up last week to get caught up. I'd like to keep that lead and even expand it, the problem is that I need to get more strips written so I can get more strips drawn. (The drawing is kind of no-brainer once the script is loosley written)

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