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Sorry this is not a full update... and it's late for all of you early birds. I've been seriously sick for the last 3 days, body aches, chills, flushes, fever... I couldn't turn my head yesterday until I went to the doctor and he told me to try some advil... Freakin' miracle drug! I can turn my head! 

Even before that our family was dealing with a death in the family, a funeral and everything that goes along with that.

So yes I'm making excuses, but I hope you'll find that they're valid ones. I also hope you enjoy this little one-panel, it was meant to be just a quick joke for my co-workers but for some reason it's Rex in his Kringle hat... so it felt like a good fit for today. I plan on having a full update on Thursday. As long as this whole viral thing doesn't hit a new level of torture I should be able to make that happen. So tenatively...


Next Update on Thursday!

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