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Just For Kicks has been a tough one for me to update lately it's not for lack of desire... Tank Monkey Tuesday was only supposed to be kind of a side project but lately it's been getting a more stable update schedule than the franchise strip, and I apologize for that. If I have any of my original readers left I really appreciate you sticking around. I highly encourage use of the RSS feature if you know how to use that kind of thing (I only barely get it myself) also I have a facebook page which I update when each new strip goes up.

There's no good excuse but I hit a patch of writers block like I haven't seen in awhile. I knew I wanted them to get back to business as usual but I couldn't rightly tell exactly what that meant.

I mean... lately I've been dealing with pop culture geeky stuff which totally goes on behind the scenes at a lot of Martial Arts schools, but I've felt that the strip has been more commentary and less narrative of these characters' lives. Yes Rex is geekier than he lets on, we get it.

But I think today I finally hit on something, I think the characters are talking to me again and I think I can see how to move them forward. I hope I'm right and it keeps generating strips which will keep this story moving because I'm not planning to throw in the towel on these guys yet.

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