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Wow, time flies. Well I've procrastinated this post for a few reasons. First it's the 100th official comic post, which for most web comics is not a big deal but for me is kind of a big accomplishment. So I wanted it to be special, hence color.

Second I've been trying to remain consistent on the Tank Monkey Tuesday update schedule. Which has meant this strip has suffered.

Third I had hoped to have some bigger news than hey I got off my lazy duff and updated my Franchise comic.

But alas I had to come to the realization that right now, updating the comic itself is the biggest deal I could come up with. That and I did it in color.

So what's the status of this comic then? I'm not ready to give up on it but I don't really have time to devote to it. I guess that puts it on unofficial hiatus or keeps it in this strange limbo state of not retired not updating regularly.

I don't plan to stop but the updates will be slow in coming I hope to eventually return to a more stable update schedule and I will announce it and make a big deal of it when that time comes but first I have to figure out what form that schedule will take.

Finally thank YOU for reading this far or for joining in whenever you have found this strip. Please give me a shout if you dig the comic, you can contact me most easily via facebook or twitter.

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