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Hey, I can't write this in third person... it sounds trite. My name is Jesse Kiefer, I live in a small town in the Midwest, and I teach elementary art for the Public School District here. I also help teach and run a Martial Arts School so the majority of the Strips I've written thus far have been related to Martial Arts.

I started with Sabum Says, which was plain and simple a Vanity Strip, I didn't see it that way but that's exactly what it was. All of the Characters look like people in my home martial arts school and they directly correlate to an actual living person. So I decided to retire that strip before I offended someone I respect.

Then I started Just For Kicks which is really the same strip but with new characters, but whoa hold up, in an effort to show exactly how different the two strips are I tied in Sabum Says... within the first 25 strips! So Sabum Says continues on as a small part of the new strip. JFK (Just For Kicks) is just getting rolling so look for it to change up as things evolve and grow.

I have done some Guest Strips here and there for some webcomic artists out there that were kind enough to post my work, and I've done some freelance Illustration work most recently for a textbook about Classroom Management published in November of 2008.

Since that time, I have picked up a few odd jobs teaching cartooning classes for my local area Art Association and Gallery. For a short period of time I drew some local editorial cartoons for a news website those collected cartoons were entitled "Just What We Need..." I stopped working on those in an effort to focus on creating my own content and focus on paid commission work.

In the Winter of 2009 during a 5 day snow in I was working on what I envisioned to be a T-Shirt Design when I created Tank Monkey... I had such a good time drawing him that I started updating him regularly. He eventually became his own experimental strip called Tank Monkey Tuesday.

My job as an educator demands much of my time and makes regular updates very hard to keep consistent with, but I post artwork of some type as often as I can even if it falls into the realm of misc. work or full blown comics. If it strikes me as funny or awesome... I MAKE time and then I make IT. Hey Thanks for reading about me, hope you enjoy my comics. Look me up on Facebook (see external homepage link) and drop me a line.