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Any Day... could be Tank Monkey Day

UPDATE! TANK-MONKEY HAS A NEW HOME! SAME ADDRESS TANKMONKEYCOMIC.COM Please head there to read way more Tank-Monkey and get future updates!

I recently did a guest strip for Theater Hopper and in hopes that I have something recent up when it goes live I'm posting this strip on a Friday as opposed to a Tuesday.

If you haven't read Theater Hopper it's one of my personal favorite comics and the only Movie strip I read with any regularity (not that there are not a ton of great ones out there... there are, I just connect with Tom's the best Go There NOW! That is unless you just came from there... If that's the case... HI!

Tank-Monkey is like my bizarre journal comic if my journal were actually about a Tank-Driving monkey and not about... me. Tank-Monkey started as a silly doodle in my sketch book that wouldn't sit still on a page.

I apologize because I'm in that strange "I need to put this together on a proper site with 'actual' hosting" stage. So I REALLY appreciate you stopping by please look through the archives I recommend Here as a pretty good place to start if you'd like to see something like a storyline, feel free to drop me a line on twitter @jessekiefer or Facebook (links above the comic) I love to hear from folks.

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