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Any Day... could be Tank Monkey Day
WHEW! Sorry it's late... I may have another page or so to add to this but it would be in the form of an epilogue... The story proper is now finished.

Hope that you enjoyed it. I did.

This story just expanded Tank-Monkey an awful lot. He's come a long way from being a small element of another design to one panel sight gags to what it is now with his own little stories here and there.

All of the characters have really grown.... and Collect-o and Slamazing Sam? WOW! I really enjoy drawing those guys.

I have more stories to tell with these guys but I'm going to try not to jump right back into them for the next story. Look for something similar to this story... new characters joining the obvious core of TM, the Doc, and Jonas. (and the Tank) Coming soon.

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