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Any Day... could be Tank Monkey Day
Oh the plot thickens! Panzer is assembling his pack and Baron Silverback looks to be very pivotal to Panzer's plans... but just what are they?...

Well the fourth of July has come and gone, since I last wrote I've seen Transformers 3 and Green Lantern... both have recieved polarizing reviews... I can see why. Both movies will be enjoyable to anyone willing to allow themselves to simply be entertained mindlessly. To think on them any further or to compare them to their past glory as a comic or cartoon will only bring pain.

I liked Transformers 3 a little better than Green Lantern but I think it's because I had absolutely no expectations for TF3 other than "I hope it's better than the second movie." While I found plenty to be disappointed about it was generally fun (if not a little long) to watch.

Green Lantern I simply could not separate my love of the comics from the film. I feel like they were under a lot of pressure to perform and make another great franchise and they missed their mark a little, but also as a fan it was just really great to see a Green Lantern movie finally get made.

I eagerly look forward to Captain America and Harry Potter Deathly Hallows, but as of this writing X-men first class has been for me the surprise hit (surprise because I was prepared to hate it...) of the summer. I anticipate Deathly Hallows will blow them all out of the water, and I hope that Captain America can at least best Thor... But again, I'll be so happy to have a proper Captain America movie... that it's going to be hard to upset me too much.

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