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Any Day... could be Tank Monkey Day
Whew this one got in just under the wire... 15 minutes to spare on my deadline.

I've been a lot more active on Twitter lately folks, still not sure about Google plus but you should notice that I've added a button up top if you're interested in getting ahold of me there. I do an awful lot of google stuff but still not sure about them as a social network but it seems cartoonists and illustrators are flocking there... I don't wanna be the old guy that misses out cuz he doesn't "get it" but... I really don't yet. oh well.

Today's Tank-Monkey, like the last storyline, was heavily influenced by the work of Jack Kirby and Stan Lee. So much so that the "lab" is inspired by the room Captain America became a super soldier in. It was fun to Kirby up ole T.M. I never really envisioned Tank-Monkey as being old but making a "Younger" Tank-Monkey with a very Burt Lancaster look makes the present day Tank-Monkey seem like an old man... rest assured he's not. Much like Captain America, these Monkey's don't seem to be effected by the aging process in quite the same way that everyone else is.

Yeah I'm pumped about Captain America coming out, if I wasn't already seeing Harry Potter (a week late I know...) I'd be there, make no mistake I will see it soon enough whether the critics like it or not. Cap is about as patriotic as I get, he's the man.

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