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Any Day... could be Tank Monkey Day
Well last week came and gone, and today was almost a wash but I determined that a one panel would be preferable to a missed update so we get another pun-shot instead of furthering the Tank-Monkey Origin story already in progress.

I apologize, this last week before school starts is tremendously ridiculously full. Had I worked ahead while I had the chance none of this would have been a problem but that really just didn't happen. I've had commission projects come in, classes to prep for, My bench which really needs touch up work goes up for auction on Saturday, and an illustration project I agreed to for Martial Arts have all been looming. Meanwhile normal "life" stuff just keeps getting in the way. in some cases very literally... Sunday is a day that I like to get some artwork in and this week my wife decided we're painting the living room, so the couch had to go somewhere... my office. I could not walk into my office let alone draw in it or do graphic work.

Again all I can do is apologize particularly I want to apologize for the no call no show (lack of update) last week I've prided myself on not missing very many updates on Tank-Monkey or at least getting something up on the day of even if it isn't a proper update and last week I just didn't. If you follow my twitter feed you did get a heads up that it wasn't going up on time but that's about it, I don't plan on making a habit of that. It's just been insane around here lately.

I hope this isn't an omen for the school year I'm about to start...

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