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Any Day... could be Tank Monkey Day
First I want to issue a sort of apology... I took a step away again, school really ramped up at the end of the year. But it gave me a chance to step back from the story and realize that I hit a pretty natural chapter break here. Yeah it's a cliff hanger end but it's a chapter break not the end. I can't apologize for how life happens but I can apologize that I disappeared without so much as a hello.

Here's the goal moving forward...

This comic was sort of this random hodgepodge of nonsense that sorta morphed into a storyline... I have a problem with this... I like writing longer form but I almost never honestly have that kind of time to devote to it. So... I'm going to finish this story in chapters... I sort of wrote the outline in chapeters without even thinking about it... well now I'm thinking about it.

What this means... First I can ease back into the comic... taking a step backwards into nonsense strips will give me a warm-up so I can jump back into the story once I've gotten re-accustomed to drawing Tank Monkey ... it ALSO (here's the good news part) means more frequent updates because of less involved strips. However it also means I'm going to be playing with the style a little... I don't want the art in the story to vary too wildly, but in the off strips the experimentation may or may not be inconsistent.

It's summer. I don't wanna over promise (because summer gets busy in a different kind of way) but you should be able to expect some interesting things out of me. Wait and see :)

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