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As often as time allows
Jo Dupree (jo4949) says:

I really enjoy reading your comics. Tersie introduced me to your creative works yesterday. I am impressed with your work, creativity and talent. You keep creating and I will keep reading.

da Mama (aka G'ma)

Lu Wanda (luwanda) says: Looks like he's having so much fun! (I like Ham Hawk's pink slippers. Where can I get a pair like that?)
Lu Wanda (luwanda) says:

yeah ... what's wrong with fishnet stockings? It makes fighting crime that much more fun! Just ask American Maid! Waaahaaa!! Cute one today. :)



Michael Carroll (carrolltoons) says:

Yeah. I'll hafta arrange for  Fishnet (from the Vega$ Magic $quad) to meet up with Blow's cloud parents. Won't that be fun! :-D

Lu Wanda (luwanda) says: LOL!! I hope you do! I can't wait to see what would happen! ;)
Lu Wanda (luwanda) says: and what sorts of things do clouds eat for Thanksgiving?
Rachel Lewis (rachet) says: Oh you KNOW Batman wears fishnets.
Rachel Lewis (rachet) says: ....his cloud parents are Jewish?
Michael Carroll (carrolltoons) says: They eat a lot of low calorie type things, things made with air...though that might be some form of air cannibalism. Now my head hurts...
Michael Carroll (carrolltoons) says: Jewish? I hadn't thought of that...funny, they don't look Jewish...
Michael Carroll (carrolltoons) says: *snort* LOL
Rachel Lewis (rachet) says: even without a magic ticket
Lu Wanda (luwanda) says: :-D Root's new look! <3 He looks great!
Rachel Lewis (rachet) says:




Rachel Lewis (rachet) says: love that soul patch
Rachel Lewis (rachet) says: ...I need to learn how to spontaneously launch a cacti at someone.
Rachel Lewis (rachet) says:

er...cacti without the "a".


Yes, I is an English major. 

Lu Wanda (luwanda) says:

ha. "cacti" as in more than one cactus ... I was trying to figure out what a "ccti" was. errr ....

That would be a wonderful skill to have. I have someone in mind who that skill would come in quite useful with. *insert sinister laugh here* I wonder if Root gives lessons.

Michael Carroll (carrolltoons) says:

It's a fairly recent fighting discipline; they call it "cacticuffs", I believe.

All they'd tell me is that you definitely DON'T want to be the new student in the class...yowch...

Lu Wanda (luwanda) says: Hey! I think I know that squirrel!
Rachel Lewis (rachet) says: too skinny to be one of my squirrels
Michael Carroll (carrolltoons) says:


 She works out by hefting that fire extinguisher.

Rachel Lewis (rachet) says: hey, if you can get away with a soul patch, an earring would work, too.
Lu Wanda (luwanda) says: What? No special guest appearance by Blaze? ;-) Happy Ninja Day! shhhhhhhhhh .....
Michael Carroll (carrolltoons) says: shhhh! Thanks! You, too!
Michael Carroll (carrolltoons) says: hmmm...good idea :-D
Rachel Lewis (rachet) says: uh...what's with all the shhhing?  was Ninjay day some sort of big secret?
Rachel Lewis (rachet) says: your car looks odd with legs, arms and facial features.
Lu Wanda (luwanda) says:

Santa looks good!

hehe ... "Sparky." 

Rachel Lewis (rachet) says: LOVE the tree!
Rachel Lewis (rachet) says:

*blink*  I could very EASILY be on both lists.


I'm really good at being bad.


...and I'm really bad at being good. :D 

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