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Yo, peeps!

Got some AWESOME fan art from fellow DD comicker Josh Holley today! Give him a hand, folks! This might be one of my favorite so far because he was able to capture the real comedic flavor of SuperMilo. :-D Good enough to be a normal comic update, right? Ha ha ha... But, seriously, another SuperMilo strip should hopefully be online tomorrow! :-D See you then!

Thanks, Josh!


Really enjoying your comic -hope you dig this -if you need a larger pic/higher res -let me know =) If you do wind up posting it, I'd love if you mentioned Animosity Jones or Toe Toons -thanks!

We seem to be in the same boat as far as the updating goes -here's hoping we both stay consitent this time around! Best to you and yours in all you do -keep up the great work!
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