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Introducing SuperMilo! Who is he? Where's he from? What's he got hidden underneath that cape? And most importantly of all, where did he get that kiddie's couch from?

This comic series, now published and for sale in select stores in North Carolina, is also being uploaded at and . My deviant art account is and should often feature scrap material, concept art, and other goodies. These goodies should also show up at SuperMilo's own MySpace page at , just a little something for fun and to help further promote and advertise this comic. Please note that this series is not meant to be only in comic strip form, but also in full issues coming soon, starting with the character's origin story. This will not be uploaded to the internet until a good portion of the strip series has finished.

You can buy the first collected issue of SuperMilo at

He's a lovable little imp. But a little slow.

So, is SuperMilo this naive concerning what happened last night or is he just a big jerk that stole a TV? You decide. Because he often goes both ways, really.

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