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Casey Sorrow is a cartoonist, printmaker, and chairperson of the board of directors for Sorrow Industries.

During his college years, Casey attended Michigan State University, where he channeled his artistic abilities into a lesser known academia of studies known as the art of the flaming skull. Useful skills obtained through those years of studies included how to properly screen print a flaming skull with fluorescent ink, how to properly place a pot leaf insignia on your flaming skull without making it look like a maple leaf, and the correct proportions to draw your flaming skull while still keeping within the proper death metal genre.

During these years of intense flaming skull studies, Casey noticed that someone was using his screen printing room as a shower facility while living out of a nearby Buick Lesabre. This man was Eric Millikin, future co-conspirator on Fetus-X. The daily version of Fetus-X ran in the university newspaper for nearly a semester and a half before the newspaper canceled it, but not before achieving record amounts of hate and love mail and managing to get Christian advertising dropped from the paper.

Fetus-X soon found a much more appreciate audience online at, and soon became part of the family, where Eric continues to create and publish Fetus-X.

Casey is currently managing a biomedical and biotechnology research laboratory called Sorrow Industries, trying to institute a new national holiday, and working on his latest printmaking ventures.