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Dale Shidler (dws) says: woo hoo Beetow. i love your type choice with your logo! you rock!
ginny gin-gin (girowi) says: one of many great excuses!
ginny gin-gin (girowi) says: and THAT is why i love you, dear...
chris beetow (cbeetow) says: Too bad for Lucy, no dogs were allowed into the vents.
Kris Kurzawa (sukilittlechow) says: the most wonderful Saint of them all.....not that I'm biased.....
ginny gin-gin (girowi) says:

i particularly like the happy sunflower, although the snake with the fez is not without its charm. 

ginny gin-gin (girowi) says: and a couple extra arms with which to hold you...
Mitzi Büker (mitzi) says:

I had that cage! *squee*

Melony Chitwood (melony) says: I wish I could take both my dogs to large gatherings. My big one is anti-crowds, they make him nervous. My little one, on the other hand, LOVES people. Big Loves, full of butt-wiggles.
Melony Chitwood (melony) says: That's when those grabby-claw on a pole old people use to reach stuff on high shelves works well. Take the vent off and reach down for the nasty-smelly-death-thingy.
Melony Chitwood (melony) says: That's it, I'm doing a journal comic too. I have to immortalize my pets online. These are just too adorable. ;p
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