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Jim Russell (bjimba) says:

Chris -- Just curious if this is an obscure reference to Otto Preminger's "Skidoo", where Harry Nilsson *did* sing the credits.


Aaron Frey (aaronfrey) says: Love your comic Chris! Hilarious and great artwork.
Aaron Frey (aaronfrey) says: Love your comic Chris! Hilarious and great artwork.
chris butler (captaineasy) says: The chances of something deep and soacially moving coming into the depressing bunghole of the south that is Mississippi are....  damn, I lost my train of thought! Anyway, I will have to wait and see it on sundance or some other cable network thingy.Love your art by-the-way. Sort of a Tim Biskup/Harvey Kurtzman/Chuck Jones sort of a thing. Well done!
chris butler (captaineasy) says:

I love your work. I have given myself a freaking headache looking at all of your back-dated blog! You have way too much talent,a pox on you! Just kiddng about the pox thing... you are really great. Thanks for putting your stuff out there.

                                                            - Chris

chris butler (captaineasy) says:


Leslie Fedorchuk (lesliefedorchuk) says: only 191 days now..... (hang in there sweetie...)
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