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Simon Daniels ||   

We at 1811 Press are proud...nay, astounded to bring you the warped world and bizarre brilliance of the artist formally known as Chinook! It is a rare occurrence within this industry to come across an individual who is possessed by utter ingenuity and a gift of the insane and also possessed by the Devil himself, but yet we have! We now keep him locked up in a specially designed artist holding pen, and unleash him to the world on an irregular basis, to scare the britches off us and perhaps do some of his trademark weird doodles if we're lucky... As far as we know he doesn't sleep, or eat.. but does consume vast quantities of children's cough medicine. If there is any connection between this and the mentally imbalanced cartoons that he churns out in the darkness of his hovel we are yet to ascertain... but we are grateful, if not a little scared! We will be publishing Chinook's work here at WEBCOMICS NATION on a regular basis, so please visit from time to time to view an artists descent into the dark depths of madness. We hope that you will love and fear him as much we do. Until we meet again.. Enjoy. Endeavour. Enlighten!! Yours in Bedlam Rufrick.J.Crunt ( Proprietor. Publisher 1811 Press)