Pewfell: The Comic Fantasy Comic for Tuesday, October 11th, 2011 Written by Chuck Whelon with Adam Prosser, Illustrated by Chuck Whelon

OK, so that's all the Pewfell I've done :( ... I got this far with it and no further. These pages were originally completed in 2006. I meant to continue but ended up getting busy with other things and could never really justify spending any more time on old Pew. Adam Prosser (my co-writer) and I did plot out the whole of Volume 5, and he even wrote the script for the next chapter. I got as far as thumbnailing them out, but Pewfell's always been a lot of work for very little return. Volume 5 was an attempt to up the quality of the art and writing, and I think we succeeded, but we were still not able to generate enough revenue from the strip, or find a publisher interested in picking it up. I didn't give up altogether, and in fact spent quite a lot of time over the past couple of years in coloring and reformatting Volume 4, which you can see here. Vol 4 originally ran as black & white newspaper-style strips. The full-color print edition of that is now available in a large-format 8.5x11" softcover and a deluxe hardcover edition here: If you've enjoyed reading Pewfell, please go buy a copy! If sales are any good, or if I ever find a publisher, I'd love to be able to do more Pewfell. If I do, I'll be posting it here. I apologizing for leaving Pewfell knee-deep in s**t, but somehow it seems fitting... Anyway, for now at least, all the best and thanks for reading! Chuck P.S. You can catch up on a bunch of other stuff I've done here:

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Pewfell is written by Chuck Whelon of San Francisco, California & Basingstoke, England and Adam Prosser of Toronto, Canada. Pewfell was created by, is drawn by and is a ™ trademark and © copyright 1991-2008 of Chuck Whelon. ... full profile