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A mystery-thriller centered on the intertwining lives of four characters caught in the web of a major crime spree.

I don't normally plan to post on Fridays, but since the storyline is just kicking off...




Oops! So, I guess when you've had a story running around in your brain for as long as I've had this one, you tend to forget what people new to the scene don't already the names of key characters you had thought up in 7th grade.

In any case, Dan is laughing at me as much as he is at Garred in this scene. (Yes, the other detective's name is will be more formally revealed eventually.)

I'm learning a lot as I go, but I apologize for the things that still need ( a lot ) of polishing.

Tonight's post is actually an EARLY update.

The truth is, I was incredibly unhappy with yesterday's post in terms of quality. Beginner or not, it was lazy of me to post that strip as is. Maybe lazy still, I've decided to move on (for the moment) as opposed to going back and redrawing it. From now on, the comic will update three days a week (instead of 4-5). This will allow me more time to focus on quality. I have yet to decide on the official update schedule, but with Next Week's strips almost finished, this will not prevent or delay continuation.

I posted next week's strip early because, quite honestly, I couldn't stand the thought of leaving yesterday's up all weekend.




Well, that deadline snuck up on me. It's been a surprisingly busy couple of days. I'll do my best to keep on track, though.

The idea for this comic came about roughly 10 years ago. It's something that I have cultivated for a long time and become very close to. The problem is, when you get to know a story so well, it's easy to forget where what you know and what everyone else knows ends and begins. Add to that a ton of changes and poor planning and this comic is not coming together the way it was meant to.

I'm past the point in my life where I want to put a half-effort into anything this important to me. For that reason, I am going to be scrapping what I have of this story so far and starting over with better planning and more time invested in the art work.

I think I need to get to know my characters and my storyline all over again. It's time for something new.

Thank you to anyone who was following this early on. I promise that anything I come up with next will only be an improvement.



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